If Steve Brown was a pilot, all the collision alarms would be going off in the cockpit right now.

This fall, Brown plans to open restaurants in Chula Vista and Barrio Logan, a catering company and a culinary internship program — all while running his weekly fine-dining pop-up dinner series known as Cosecha.

How will he pull it off?

Steve Brown puts the finishing touches on a dish before it’s sent out to diners. (Jim Sullivan)

“Sleep is for the dead,” said Brown, who opened the first of his new ventures, Tempº by Cosecha restaurant in Chula Vista, on Sept. 19. “I have ADD, so I’m always going nonstop. It’s just the way I am. I gotta do it while I’m young. Energy-wise, it’s all downhill from here.”

Since Brown returned to his childhood hometown of Imperial Beach from L.A. last year, he’s been laying the foundation for his brand mega-launch by building relationships with local farmers, chefs, ranchers, designers and diners. Now he’s ready for takeoff and hopes the turbulence that brought him back to San Diego last year is finally behind him.


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