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12- Course Progression of Wagyu Education Experience

Swagyu Study Hall will transport you around the world with our 12 course, curated wagyu curriculum complete with a sensorial exploration to delight your curious nature and tastebuds. This in-depth wagyu education experience is held in our private dining room in Pacific Beach and is unlike any other dining experience. You’ve never had wagyu like this, I assure you.

Gather your friends to sit and experience the creative flavors imagined and executed by our Swagyu Culinary Team.

Join Chef Steve Brown and Chef Nate Horton on a journey to learn about the intricacies and nuances of understanding wagyu from Japan, Australia and the United States. Tickets are very limited to give our guests an exclusive, intimate tasting menu that only Swagyu Hospitality Group can execute.

Reserve tickets early as they will sell out fast.

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ChefSteveBrown Copyright ©2016

ChefSteveBrown Copyright ©2016