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History behind Cosecha SD

Cosecha meaning “harvest” in Spanish refers to Chef Steve Brown’s diligence towards sustainability as well as gracious attitude toward Japanese beef. He designs his menu based on the seasons, of what is fresh and naturally grown. Whatever his farm, Wild Willow Farms, is producing is what you will find garnishing your plate. The homemade sauces are in a beautiful melody around the farm-fresh vegetables to bring out the eye-opening, complex flavors of the Wagyu Beef.

Learn About Our Supper Club + Fine Dining Catering Company

CosechaSD Supper Club has held over a dozen coursed Wagyu dinners throughout the U.S. with 9 to 22 courses. The dinners have become so successful that we have decided to develop the North American CosechaSD Wagyu Tour, where we will be traveling to various cities, partnering with chefs and restaurants throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to present the CosechaSD experience. We cannot wait to serve you the best beef in the world, by the Wagyu ambassador himself, Chef Steve Brown. To join, please see schedule and tickets below.

“We bring meat lovers the truest, most sought after, tantalizing Japanese beef to their city to enjoy an elegant experience you cannot find anywhere else.” – Chef Steve Brown

CosechaSD Catering is a full service fine dining catering company as well as a traveling, ticketed supper club. Chef Brown has catered dozens of events throughout the U.S. including for such celebs as Puff Daddy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and many more. He brings his attention to detail and creativity to every dish and event, which can be seen in many of the photographs of plated dishes below.

Upcoming Cosecha Events

Seats are limited and are purchased on a first come first served basis.
NOTE: Please click on the event date to purchase tickets

30jun6:00 pm9:00 pmCosecha SD 3 year anniversary dinner 10 courses True Kobe and A5 Wagyu DinnerFeaturing Special Chef Guests

05aug1:00 am3:00 ameventon test

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04nov6:00 pm9:00 pmSold Out!11/04/18 Omaha Nebraska12 course Imperial Wagyu Dinner with beverage pairings

05nov6:00 pm9:00 pmEvent Over11/05/18 Omaha, NE9 course Hyogo Kobe and A5 Japanese Wagyu Dinner with beverage pairings


30jun6:00 pm9:00 pmCosecha SD 3 year anniversary dinner 10 courses True Kobe and A5 Wagyu DinnerFeaturing Special Chef Guests


Each dinner will have a venue specific menu and beverage pairing based on the local ingredients.

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ChefSteveBrown Copyright ©2016

ChefSteveBrown Copyright ©2016